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Basing his theory on a scientific law, the dissipation of energy, he described civilization as having retrogressed through four stages: So his image recedes into the distant past, his fame only secure with the historians and the history buffs.

In contrast to Chartres, the Education centred upon the 20th-century universe of multiplicity, particularly the exploding world of science and technology. His other novel, published under the nom de plume of Frances Snow Compton, was Estherwhose heroine was believed to be modeled after his wife.

Henry astonished the audience in the courtroom with his eloquence in invoking the doctrine of natural rightsthe political theory that man is born with certain inalienable rights.

Political cartoon depicting John Tyler, James K.

Henry Clay

It was audacious in proposing a radical way to eliminate slavery in regions where slavery already existed and resolve sectional discord through compromise.

Senate Committee on the migration and continuing emigration sentiment, both of which he blamed on anti-black terror in the South. The efforts of Adams and the Colonization Council were not unrewarded. He enthusiastically promoted the abolition of slavery in Kentucky in the late s, a distinctly unpopular and unsuccessful proposal.

Doubtlessly Henry Clay would have done likewise. Back to Online Encyclopedia Index Henry Adams was a Louisiana leader who advocated the emigration of southern freed blacks to Liberia after emancipation.

Adams, Henry

He is full of the arrogance of inexperienced youth. I wouldn't speak to him, but, by God, I love him. This suit grew out of the Virginia law, disallowed by King George IIIthat permitted payment of the Anglican clergy in money instead of tobacco when the tobacco crop was poor.

In the summer ofthe Louisiana Governor William Pitt Kellogg, a Republican, and the Committee made a request for federal troops to intervene in areas of northwest Louisiana where the White League, a terrorist organization, had taken control.

Clay was going to speak the galleries would be packed to overflowing and would often have to be cleared because of the uproarious responses his speeches would receive. Civil War inPres.

With the country reeling economicly and dissatisfied with the leadership of President Van Buren, they were poised to capture both the White House and Congress, and had their one great opportunity to enact their programs--Clay's programs-- into law.

One of the great themes of his life was that society was inexorably changing for the worse, manipulated by forces it could not control.

Or a wing of a library at a university somewhere. He made a considerable amount of money as a lawyer and businessman and could have achieved even greater personal wealth for himself and his family had he not so ardently sought great political power.

Henry, age 23, accompanied him to London, acting as his private secretary until At first he tried to counter the accusation, even fighting a bloodless duel with eccentric Sen. Adams, troubled by a toothache, had planned to see his dentist. Calhoun and John Quincy Adams.

It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in They both played a major role in the War ofgaining national fame and recognition at about the same time; and they probably admired each other to some extent until it became obvious that they were becoming rivals as they vied to become the leading political leader of The West.

Henry Clay (1777-1852)

He also became the anonymous London correspondent for the New York Times. George Washington able support, and during his second term he authorized the expedition to invade the Illinois country under the leadership of George Rogers Clark.

Perhaps Clay's greatest opportunity was the one he missed inand here the Whig Party must take the blame. He named the farm Ashland after its many blue ash trees Fraxinus quadrangulata.

He recovered sufficiently, however, to travel to Europe once again. Their personal rivalry and political competition became high historical drama with Jackson ultimately cast as the victor and Clay playing the role of the vanished.

But even without the Presidency he deserves our recognition. It may also have something to do with The Silver Age itself. Perhaps a distinguished member ends up with a highway or a dam or a school named after him.

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But the Mexican War and Polk's expansionist policies were the fuse that ignited the events that led directly to the Civil War. The Whig Party years and disappointment During the s Clay directed the emerging political coalition that eventually styled itself the Whig Partyits very name an indication of its perennially inchoate nature.

American presidential election, Results of the American presidential election, Sources: And what kind of President would Henry Clay have made? So in a very real way it did help to save the Union.

Adams learned to read and write in the Army, providing him a measure of self-confidence that encouraged his leadership of other ex-slaves once he returned to civilian life.Henry Adams was a Louisiana leader who advocated the emigration of southern freed blacks to Liberia after emancipation. Born a slave in Newton County, Georgia on March 16,Henry Adams was originally born as Henry Houston but changed his name at the age of seven.

In Henry Adams and the Making of America, Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Wills makes a compelling argument for a reassessment of Henry Adams as our nation’s greatest historian and his History as the “nonfiction prose masterpiece of the nineteenth century in America.”.

President John Adams resources including biographies, election results, family information, speeches, and more. Jan 16,  · page note 3 Colacurcio, Michael, ‘ The dynamo and the angelic doctor: the bias of Henry Adams' medievalism ’, American Quarterly, 17 (Winter ), page note 1 Samuels, The Major Phase, p.

Henry Clay

Mark Puls delivers a compelling portrait of the Revolutionary War general who played a key role in all of George Washington's battles. During the Siege of Boston, Henry Knox's amazing mile transport of forty nine cannons from Ticonderoga saved the city.

Sep 12,  · Patrick Henry was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the first governor of Virginia. He was a gifted orator and major figure in the American .

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