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A connection is present if the performance or cost of one action affects that of another. But globalisation has also generated significant international opposition over concerns that it has increased inequality and environmental degradation.

They need to be able to challenge the traditional thinking and develop an innovative culture through learning and knowledge management in order to re-orientate and reformulate competitive strategies, in order to sustain their advantage in the market.

To fulfil this role, all of its business activities must be viable and profitable. Even if they have all the data, expert employees and market connections as well as funds to finance the restructuring of their stores, all of these would only be useless if they would not determine the strengths and weaknesses of not only the new entrants but also to their competitors.

Firms in oligopoly can use either high-price strategy or low-price strategy to maximize their profit. But the question now would be on how it will respond to the very common threats to every business entity in the market- competition specifically the entry of new players in the industry.

This would help the company prepare and come up with alternative solutions for easy implementation of plans. There are numerous numbers of microeconomics concepts that can be applied in real world situations. They are using cut-throat competition to attract more potential customer.

The find is the first onshore oil discovery in Malaysia in 24 years. Wednesday, 5 June Microeconomics application in the real world Microeconomics is considered one of the primary subject of social science of economics.

The computer industry is dominated by a few companies, IBM most notably. Further, the end of the Cold War signalled the displacement of ideological obstinacy in favour of a heated pursuit towards economic advancement and competition for resources and technology.

But even in non cartel situations, some high prices can be observed in many manufactured products. Supply and demand is an economic model to determine price in a market. In this topic the oligopoly form of market is studied.

The different markets help in introducing to the company the cultures and characteristics of the markets thus it became educated with how to adjust in the different setting. As such, aggregate supply may not necessarily increase because small entrepreneurs who cannot afford to buy the technology cannot contribute in increasing supply.

Therefore, the few sellers are considered big enough to affect the market. It has always been a fact that the availability of resources is always limited to the world eventhough it varies in amounts.

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A key discovery was made in the Ruby field in Vietnam in In addition, the undesirable effect may even be worse than in monopoly because supervision is not possible, less economies of scale are present and more wasteful nonprice actions are used.

This oil well is later known as the Grand Old Lady.

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In the case of PETRONAS, the entire operation of the business should be examined and evaluated in order to determine the service delivery processes that strengthen as well as weaken the business.

The needed volume of production to be profitablevehicles is a major barrier for any new firm wishing to start producing cars. This explains why gasoline is described as inelastic variable. Scarcity in Africa has always been serious where there are often situations that there is not enough water to meet all demands.OLIGOPOLY IN PETRONAS Oligopoly - advertising eg: television-product development an effort to improve quality of product-loyalty cards to collect points.

Oligopoly-Coca cola & Pepsi Oligopoly is defined as an industry in which there are a few firms. By a few it is meant that the number of firms should be sufficiently small for there to be conscious interdependence, with each firm aware that its future prospects depend not.

Petronas As An Oligopolistic Firm words - 4 pages operate. CHARACTERISTICS OF PETRONAS Having the Malaysian government as its major shareholders, PETRONAS adapts an oligopoly market structure and has a fairly large amount of control over the market for petrol in our nation.

The Petronas Twin Towers, are named after the Malaysian national petroleum corporation, Petronas, and is planned to become their new corporate headquarters. The towers are owned by Midciti Resources Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture between Petronas, and KLCC Holdings Sdn.

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Bhd. Petronas reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees/5(). Characteristics of Oligopoly: 1. As there are some firms, each firm closely watches the activities of other firm. Any transform in price, product, output, and so on by a firm will have a direct effect on the fortune of its rivals.

Therefore an oligopolistic firm should consider not only the market demand for its product, however also the.

Petronas as an oligopolistic firm essay
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